About Hermann

Hermann was born in Mendoza, Argentina, on 3rd August 1961, and started developing his artistic skills in 1978 by enrolling on a course of ceramics and sculpture at the National Academy of Art in Mendoza. This was the first time he had the opportunity to meet with other young Latin American artists.

Hermann’s extracurricular activities included building stage sets for, amongst others, the notable “The Devil’s Dancer” by D.Sanchez.

In 1989 he moved to Florence, Italy where he specialised in Renaissance sculpture, paying particular attention to the study of the human form and sculptural portraiture.  Here, Hermann also collaborated with several Florentine foundries, including the famous Il Cesello dei F.lli Cipriani, to study and work in the classical style with bronze.

Meanwhile, in his own studio, Hermann started running training courses for young sculptors, in association with the Mechiavelli School, the American Academy of Art, and various other educational institutions.

Hermann has continually exhibited his work, both in Italy and abroad.

In 1997, he moved to New York, USA where he worked on stage sets whilst putting on both solo and collaborative exhibitions.

In 2002, Hermann returned to Italy – this time to the Valle D’Itria, Puglia – where he has continued his artistic works, investigating and experimenting with the expressive possibilities of raw adobe, terracotta, ceramics and limestone, etc. This has lead to his diversifying into the realms of eco-sustainable renders and furnishings.

Of the numerous commissions for portraiture that Hermann has been awarded, the following are possibly the most distinguished:

  • A bust of the sheik Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, sovereign of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
  • A bronze sculpture of a horse for Giancarlo Conte, Milan.
  • A bust of the soul singer Alicia Keys, for Columbia Records, New York.
  • A bust for the rapper KRS One, New York.
  • A monumental statue in bronze dedicated to Domenico Modugno, for the town of Polignano a Mare (Bari).

Hermann is now a contemporary artist, with the academic training of classical style and techniques. He undertakes artistic experiments with the curious process of transformation and expression of materials, shapes and movement. His works are in several private collections in Buenos Aires, Florence, New York, London, Berlin and Monaco.

Some of his work is displayed permanently in the gallery “Peppino Campanella” in Polignano a Mare, Italy, and in Mostly Glass Gallery, New Jersey (USA).